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Better prediction through research. At AiQuote we provide our clients with predictions on given price data, as well as portfolio analytics. We are unique in that we use the most sophisticated mathematical tools available along with rigorous controls on statistical validity of our results.

Unlike many other services - we do not promote any single method or investment philosophy. We test every top methodology, including our proprietary ones - in order to determine the best approach for a given stock, currency, or commodity at a given time. The world financial markets are constantly changing - we make no a priori assumptions about the outcome and let the data and cutting edge predictive modeling guide us to the right conculsion.

We are a service-based vendor. Our clients send us their price data. We combine their data with our proprietary database of United States and International economic indicators. These include an unparalleled variety of custom-developed series including employment, macro/micro economic, inventory and other statistics. The combination of client price data with such external variables yields robust predictions.

Through research we have developed top mathematical algorithms, which we use together with standard statistical approaches and other technical analysis tools. For each given stock, currency, or commodity we run over 200 different mathematical algorithms including neural networks, expert systems, decision trees, discriminant analysis - in order to select the best performing tool. On each given price-series we back-test over 500 different trading rule-sets in order to determine the most profitable trading strategies. We have developed a patented system that achieves this extremely complex modeling on very powerful mainframe computers. We deliver a comprehensive report back to our clients in less than 3 business days. Contact Us today in order to access the best that scientific predictive modeling has to offer.

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